The CABLE BOX will be simply snapped onto the back side of the udoq. The desired cables will be led through the rear opening of the udoq directly into the CABLE BOX. Inside, the cables can be connected to a charger or routed to a computer. The CABLE BOX can be installed together with the wall mount and the Apple Watch Adapter. This way cables won’t be visible in the front and in the back. The CABLE BOX S is the smallest CABLE BOX S in our program. CABLE BOX M will follow with a larger volume in 2019.

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  • offers space for cables and the 5-port charger (Does NOT fit the 6-port charger!)
  • compatible with wall mount and Apple Watch Adapter
  • is snapped into the cable opening at the backside of the udoq
  • a large lid gives easy access to cables and charger
  • offers 3 large openings to route cables outside the back
  • made from heat resistant ABS
  • compatible with all udoqs
  • Inner dimensions: ca. 200 x 42 x 65 mm

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