• for smartphones, tablets and accessories
  • Connections can be moved freely
  • Sustainable interchangeable parts
  • solid, timeless aluminum
  • simple and elegant

Why udoq - Therefore!


udoq 250 CHARGING STATION Universal Basic S

Charging station for multiple mobile devices | with Power Delivery | 1 Lightning, 1 USB-C PD cable, 1 wireless adapter

Why udoq - Therefore!


udoq 250 CHARGING STATION Universal Basic S

Charging station for multiple mobile devices | with Power Delivery | 1 Lightning, 1 USB-C PD cable, 1 wireless adapter

udoq 400 CHARGING STATION Apple Premium M Watch

Charging station for Apple Watch iPad iPhone and AirPods | with MagSafe, Lightning and USB-C Power Delivery





Replace connectors any time

Got a new mobile device? We have the right connection! Simply swap out the charging connector or wireless adapter and connect your new device as usual. You can find connections for all mobile devices in our online shop.

Easy to charge with protective cover

Is your cell phone or tablet in a protective case? Leave it alone! at udoq the height of the charging plug can be adjusted so that you can also charge your device with the case on.

udoq Loading dock in gold

Convenient wireless charging

The MAGNETIC ADAPTER (MagSafe) and the APPLE WATCH ADAPTER magnetically hold your Apple devices while charging. The WIRELESS ADAPTER charges smartphones wirelessly with the latest QI technology.

Keep things tidy thanks to the cable box

Do you like it organized? udoq comes with a practical cable box for charger and cables. The new cable box M for two XNUMX-port chargers (a total of ten connections) is now also available.

The stylish and sustainable solution for everyone who needs to charge mobile devices every day

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The sustainable solution for daily charging


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udoq 400 CHARGING STATION Universal Basic M

Charging station for multiple mobile devices | with Power Delivery | 1 Lightning PD, 1 USB-C PD cable, 1 wireless adapter

udoq 400 CHARGING STATION Apple Basic M

Multi-device charging station | 3 Apple Lightning connectors for iPhone, iPad and AirPods

What our customers say

A grey udoq 400 in the office and a gold one udoq 550 Home… Stylish!

Arthur, 27.12.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX

... and my children's cell phones come up in the evening udoq.

Thomas, 03.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX
Finally a charging station made of solid aluminium. Great quality!
Peter, 30.11.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX

With us it is udoq become a daily routine. All phones will be charged right after…

Andy, 04.12.2019

Really useful for zoom meetings! Great thing …

Jack, 02.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

Everything tidy - no cables - that udoq it's great!

Brigitte, 12.09.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

The constant search for charging cables is no longer necessary and the station looks great. The store works perfectly. I can recommend it unreservedly.

Birgit, 11.05.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX

Products of very high quality, elegant and well thought out. A product that I have only just found and am very excited about.

Chris, 11.12.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

Great company! Great products! Very nice contact and very goodwill! Order here again

Philip, December 02.12.2020nd, XNUMX

Tablet and smartphone charge at the same time udoq

The first universal charging station for mobile devices

Do you still have your own charging cable and power supply for every smartphone, iPad or tablet, every e-reader and every USB accessory? Then you certainly know the annoying search for the right cable and a free socket. the udoq Charging station for several mobile devices puts an end to this spook! It charges cell phones, e-readers, tablets, smart watches, headphones, rechargeable batteries and battery banks of all brands and all generations. It acts as a charger for iPhone and Apple Watch as well as for your mobile devices from Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, Google HTC, Motorola, Microsoft and all other manufacturers. Just think of the docking station as a kind of key board. Here you can tidy up all devices clearly, charge them safely and find them again without any problems.

Configure individually, retrofit as needed

To the udoq To customize the charging station for multiple mobile devices, enter your mobile devices in the configurator when ordering. You choose all your devices, as well as the color and it becomes yours udoq put together for you. All connectors such as charging plugs or wireless adapters are specially selected for your devices. Depending on the version, the dock then includes a range of sliding charging cables and adapters as well as wireless charging stations and the appropriate USB charger. If you buy new mobile devices, you only exchange the respective adapters at the charging station.

MagSafe and QI Charger for inductive charging

Wireless charging is the most modern and convenient way to power smartphones and the like. With the appropriate adapters, the udoq Use the charging station for multiple mobile devices as a MagSafe or QI charger. When charging devices that support this standard, you can do without a cable and everything is even easier for you. Even if you charge your tablet and smartphone at the same time and want to connect other mobile devices, the wireless MAGNETIC ADAPTER (MagSafe) and the WIRELESS ADAPTER (QI Charger) make everything look very stylish, neat and tidy.

Operate devices even while charging

The position of your smartphone on the udoq Charging rail is perfect for any video conference or for operating light, music or building services. This can be difficult with conventional chargers. With the udoq Charging station for several mobile devices, on the other hand, is no problem! All docked mobile devices are freely accessible and can be used without restrictions during the charging process. There udoq also acts as a charger for iPhone and Apple Watch, the same applies here, of course.

Can be used in all areas

The worldwide patented udoq Docking system is not only designed for private use and for the office. It has long since proven itself in hotels, restaurants, medical practices, service areas, authorities and even at airports. Wherever people charge different mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads at the same time or need a charger for AirPods and Apple Watch udoq the optimal solution. For theft-proof installation in public areas, simply order our security set.

Variable, elegant and sustainable

Whether with a charging cable or wirelessly, with or without a protective cover – the udoq Docking station will continue to offer you all conceivable options in the future. Style and elegance are just as important to us as technical perfection. Udoq we therefore offer them in the colors gold, silver, dark gray and black. Simply choose your charging station for multiple mobile devices so that it fits perfectly into your environment!

Incidentally, the charging system is available in four different lengths. So that no unnecessary electronic waste is created, your high-quality aluminum rail can be readjusted again and again if your needs change.

Impressions from customers

udoq 400 Customer Image Apple Watch Adapter
udoq Customer image MagSafe
udoq Customer image MagSafe Iphone

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