A charging
for everything



One Hand


Apple Watch




Replace charging plugs anytime and anywhere and dock with one hand.
All cables are completely hidden

Place the charging plug upwards to also charge mobile devices with a protective cover.
5 steps and 8mm total height are available.

Wirelessly charge your Apple Watch and smartphone with the WIRELESS ADAPTER.

udoq is the only docking system worldwide that accepts mobile devices of all brands and generations and thus ensures order. Connect udoq to your computer, your original chargers or to an additional multiple USB power supply. Udoq is the first universal mobile phone charging station where all mobile devices and tablets of every brand and generation can be charged simultaneously. The patented system as docking system for mobile phones and tablets is available in different widths - from the udoq version udoq250, udoq400, udoq550 and udoq700. Mobile phones from Apple iPhone to Samsung, or tablets from iPad to Galaxy can be charged simultaneously in a cnc milled aluminum rail. The patented udoq charging cables are inserted and positioned laterally into the udoq in your desired order. All mobile devices can be plugged in next to each other with one hand and be fully operated at the same time. The mobile phone charging cables are invisibly stowed away in the rail - no more cable clutter and no unnecessary searching for chargers. udoq charging cables can be adjusted 4 times in height inside the adapters to accommodate mobile devices with different protective covers. This patented adjustment option compensates cases with up to 8mm wall thickness.

You can also order the universal charging station for mobile phones directly for Apple devices and smartphones under udoq Apple or the universal mobile phone charging station for Android mobile phones under udoq Android. You can also configure your udoq as a universal mobile docking station and combine different mobile phones and tablets of various brands, exactly as you wish.

udoq's universal mobile phone docking station is unique, beautiful, patented and you don't have to deal with messy cables anymore.